CBD vape liquid

Tailored CBD vape liquids are the perfect choice for the discerning vaper. Enjoy life-enriching flavours with zero nicotine, and feel the efficacy of our Tailored blends of specific Terpenes that give each flavour it’s own unique character.

Healthy E-Liquid

Put CBD vape in your e-cig and you’ll vaporise the healthy plant compounds without having to breath something that is burning to absorb the natural health properties of hemp and cannabis.

Inhale this vapour and pure plant power will flow through your bloodstream and head directly to your brain. It’s one of the fastest and most efficient ways to feel the many benefits of CBD, up to 75% bioavailability science reports.

So if you have tried CBD and know what it can do then try Tailored CBD as this is above and beyond.

Even better – many people turn to e-cigs because they want to quit smoking. CBD vape liquid doesn’t contain a single trace of nicotine but scientific research suggests it can create an incredible feeling of wellbeing while actively reducing your nicotine craving through the CB1 receptors in the brain. Reports suggest the CB1 receptor balances the area of the brain responsible for addictive cravings.

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