What makes us different to the rest

Our mission was to create the highest quality CBD products that people could trust and understand… And we succeeded. 

This is all about being your best – about finding peace and power within, and to face life with a smile.

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Wellbeing with Style

Everything we do, we do with your wellbeing in mind. That’s why all our CBD products and ingredients are fully certified and sourced from the worlds most reputable manufacturers, and our blends have been uniquely crafted by a Michelin trained chef. We’re perfectionists at everything we do, and we believe every detail of our products reflects this.

It’s complicated and difficult to master, but we’ve nailed it. We guarantee you’ll find the very best in everything with our name on it.

Our manufacturing process is as tailored as our fine suits. An identical amount of CBD in two separate products doesn’t necessarily make them equal.

Bespoke flavours


Unique products


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Tailored to You

All of our products have been individually chosen and blended to ensure the best experience for our customers. We also chose the name because we’re perfectionists and believe that if something has been meticulously tailored, whether it be an English Bespoke 3 piece suit, or a bottle of the finest CBD Terpene infused Oral drops, the result is something special. We’ve tailored every aspect of our products to give them character, and make each one unique.


We do things properly. From our suppliers to our makers, we only work with people we trust, and who we know are the best at what they do. If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it right. We use nothing but the highest-quality raw materials, and we’re passionate when it comes to quality craftsmanship. 

With Tailored CBD you get something that looks, feels, and tastes different than all other products available today. That’s because it’s been carefully, obsessively tailored to be that way.

We have the contacts, the expertise, and the resilience needed to build something that will last, and more importantly, produce products you can trust.


(adj.) When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.

We’re unfuckwithable. Why? Because we’re constantly tweaking and refining everything we do as we go. But at the same time, we’ll stay true to our values and our philosophy. Forever. And you can’t fuck with that.

When you’re unfuckwithable, you don’t have to try too hard to be what you are. It just comes naturally. Effortlessly.

We want to make you unfuckwithable too. We’re here to help you get there.