Hemp oil, or hemp seed oil has been around for hundreds of years. Hemp oil is a healthy oil and is usually found in health food shops, on the high street or online. Hemp oil comes from the hemp seed, and contains omega fatty acids, vitamin E and protein, which is why it is often used in cooking. Hemp oil does not contain any cannabinoids.

The hemp plant grows from the hemp seeds, and the flowers that plant produces mature into the cannabinoid-rich fruits of nature that produce CBD oil.

CBD oil does contain cannabinoids. These are non-psychoactive and offer a range of health benefits from aiding in pain relief, to relieving symptoms of anxiety or helping with sleep. If you’d like to learn more on how cannabinoids work in the body, we have a blog post dedicated to the Endocannabinoid system.

You should always do your research when selecting a new CBD product. Check certification for the product and Company, and make sure you know exactly what cannabinoids are in the product you choose to purchase. Third-party laboratory tests take place on each Tailored Wellbeing CBD oil batch produced, and the certificates are available for viewing on our website via the link above.