Vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways of introducing CBD into the body. Our lungs absorb the isolated Cannabidiol rapidly as this method delivers up to 85% bioavailability, which means the benefits are taking place almost instantly.

When vaping Tailored Wellbeing CBD e-liquid products, you do not need to use a device that produces loads of vape clouds. Our CBD vape liquids are 60% vegetable glycerine and 40% propylene glycol, so they work best with smaller devices with higher OHM coils.

Our CBD vape liquids contain the same blended terpene recipes as our CBD oil drops, and these clever little ingredients are susceptible to heat, with varied low boiling points. For this reason, we would recommend you vape them on the more traditional mouth to lung devices with coils ranging from 0.8ohm up to 1.8ohm.

We also suggest using a clean device, one that you have not used with any other liquid before adding the Tailored CBD. Fresh and clean with a new coil removes the risk of you being dissatisfied with the flavour, and prevents the liquid from being altered by a previous e-liquid juice.

Keep the power settings low to enjoy the flavour and experience without damaging the liquids ingredients.