Can CBD boost your immune system? Well, science is starting to indicate yes! 

Our bodies react to foreign invaders by triggering a white blood cell response, the type of infection determines which type of response is released to suppress the intruders or problem area. CBD is increasingly demonstrating its ability to reduce inflammation, science agrees that CBD has shown some evidence of reducing inflammation when consumed.  Inflammation sounds like a bad word, but it’s merely your body’s immune response. Your body sends white blood cells and other compounds to a location on your body, and this produces inflammation. Toxins can also increase body inflammation, and inflammation seems to be a biomarker of disease. Inflammation may increase your risk of infection or illness, and many common disorders seem linked to inflammation.

CBD is recognised for its ability to reduce arthritis pain. Some cannabinoids suppress cytokines for example, which appear to play a crucial role in inflammation. Cytokines are a class of small proteins that play a crucial role in your immune system. Your body secretes cytokines, then sends cytokines to the source of infection. That all sounds good – but cytokine activity isn’t always good in a problematic immune system. If your immune system is dysfunctional, then cytokines can do more harm than good. The Spanish Flu of 1919 was unique because it killed young, healthy people with strong immune systems. Researchers found that the influenza virus triggered a ‘cytokine storm’. It forced the immune system to overreact, sending too many cytokines to the source of the infection. These cells got confused and attacked everything – including crucial body functions. People with the most robust immune systems died in hours because of this cytokine storm.

There’s some evidence that COVID-19 reacts similarly. Some of the COVID-19 fatalities have been linked to an overreacting immune system. Recent research into the way the novel coronavirus affects the body is that it causes detrimental inflammation of the bodies cells, which is one possible reason patients are placed into a coma, so the body can be moderated and controlled with drugs and medical treatment.

Could CBD treat or prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus? There’s no evidence supporting that claim. Despite the lack of evidence, you can find plenty of anecdotal evidence online proclaiming that CBD has antiviral applications and that it can reduce the risk of coronavirus, among other benefits. Some argue that suppressing the immune system prevents the infamous cytokine storm, where your immune system overreacts to the virus. There’s some evidence that COVID-19 fatalities are linked to an overreacting immune system, although this effect was more prominent in the 1919 Spanish Flu than in the COVID-19 coronavirus. Overall, there’s no scientific evidence analysing how cannabis reacts to COVID-19 or the coronavirus. However, there’s some evidence showing that CBD could treat viral infections.